Corporate & M&A

Russin & Vecchi’s attorneys have substantial experience in providing continuing corporate support to both domestic companies and multinational corporations opening their offices in Russia, and provide a wide range of corporate services from incorporation of companies and following relevant formalities to conducting comprehensive corporate due diligence and providing assistance in negotiating and closing corporate deals.


Business Formation

  1. Advising on regulatory framework of operating business in Russia
  2. Developing foundation documents
  3. Developing shareholders agreements
  4. Company incorporation
  5. Accreditation of foreign branch and representative offices

Corporate Secretary

  1. Preparation for and holding annual shareholders meeting
  2. Preparation for and holding Board meetings
  3. Corporate changes

Corporate Restructuring

  1. Intragroup share transfers
  2. Corporate structure optimization


  1. Due diligence of target companies
  2. Developing set of M&A agreements and documents
  3. Obtaining FAS approvals and authorizations
  4. Registration of relevant changes

Work Highlights